Tailor Made Solutions

Our In-house design avionics ensure our vision is uncompromised by external factors. Our designs are Open-Sourced, highly customizable products made to fit any project.



The Flexible Power Supply Unit allows the power distribution at different voltage levels to all peripherals. If coupled with the CAN Gateway, the UAV is then capable of identifying failures and compensating accordingly.



Our unique Open-Source CAN Gateway design offers an unmatched level of interconnection between devices. With 6x CAN buses, 2x LIN buses, 2x Serial Ports, 1x RX-485 port, 1x secure wLAN, 1x LAN Port, and an SD Card Slot, The redundancy of the system is ensured. The GW1 supports different protocols from different manufacturers and combines them. When coupled with the FPSU, the UAV can perform automated pre-flight checks and set up the flight phase of each mission.