12 March 2024

Developed in-house, our Flexible Power Supply Unit (FPSU) is tailor-made for our Gateway Device. (https://lnkd.in/dqH87cEF)

Built primarily with aircraft/automotive applications in mind, the FPSU provides input power redundancy, current and voltage monitoring, and the capability to turn on and off input & output power rails individually.

Its four different voltage input rails have voltage & current monitoring and their respective redundancy rail. Meanwhile, the output power rails can accept servo motors or DC motor connectors.

There are twenty 3-pin connectors available to supply power to different components. Each connector’s power rail current can be monitored, and power can be switched on or off. The Output Power Voltage is hardware-configurable via jumper, with an option of four available input power rail voltages.

The device’s modularity is expanded with sixteen analog inputs and a connector for one extension board, for up to an additional 10 devices of your choosing. This extension board can communicate with our Gateway using SPI or I2C protocols, supplying them with power from all four input power rails.

If you choose standard PWM servomotors instead of CAN servomotors, the 3-Pin connectors can provide the PWM signal.