24 May 2024

Tailored For You

Safety is the most essential part of the CAN GW system. It monitors all communications on all CAN interfaces and takes action…

13 May 2024

Lift Off with Lightweight Propellers!

Custom-designed propellers by Falcon are perfectly tailored to meet our unique needs and specifications!

07 May 2024

ESC Controller With Ventilators

Despite our CTO’s hatred toward coolers – “They are very unreliable and break all the time!” – we decided to incorporate two…

29 March 2024

New Company Layout

Take a look at new company layout!

29 March 2024

Developing better efficiency

Developed autonomous slope descending for better stability and higher efficiency of Harara aircraft.

13 March 2024

Records Achieved

As we move forward, We’re encouraged by the progress and excited about the possibilities ahead. Everything is aligning as envisioned, and We’re eager to see where our journey takes us next.

12 March 2024

In-house Mastery

Developed in-house, our Flexible Power Supply Unit (FPSU) is tailor-made for our Gateway Device. ( Built primarily with aircraft/automotive applications in mind,…