24 May 2024

Safety is the most essential part of the CAN GW system. It monitors all communications on all CAN interfaces and takes action if needed. Additionally, a safety-capable power supply (watchdog) makes a safety mechanism for the processor possible.

Our CAN GW configuration is highly adaptable. It has 6 CAN buses and 1 RX 485 port that can be customized to meet specific needs.  Users can run different protocols on separate CAN bus channels simultaneously. A central processor directly supports integrating new protocols rather than through autopilot software.

The system includes 2 USB-C ports for programming and debugging: one for the processor and another for the ESP32 module. It also has a connector for direct processor programming, a LAN port for complex payload interfacing, and an SD card slot for logging communication data from all devices.

Other features include a 2 x LIN interface, a WiFi connection with a simple web interface for system configuration and log downloading and an optional Ethernet interface. The wireless module allows easy data retrieval from the SD card without removing it.  The system can be configured with a baseboard or as a standalone option.

By autonomously rectifying errors, the system optimizes aircraft testing procedures, reducing the potential for human errors during pre-flight and flight operations.  Purchasing provides access to pre-developed communication drivers and templates while allowing customization to meet specific needs.